Please note that the shop is available only for members of the BRAA and Bournemouth Federation members and no monies are kept on site.

The Essentials Right On Your Doorstep

The onsite shop stocks a wide variety of fertilisers, nets, composts, slug pellets etc.  The Shop is open most mornings up until 12 noon. See our Site Manager Roy Bearman (Plot 60/61) who will be pleased to assist.  Other members who can open the shop are Paul Brett  on Plot 77 , Graeme Whiteside on Plot 56, Alan Touzel on Plot 62 and Peter Reeks on Plot 14 .  If the flag is flying look for the label on the shop door to see which keyholders are on site.

The table below shows the stock and pricing etc.

From 1st July the shop will go electronic and measures will be sold in kilograms.

Product description

Price per Kg.

Bone Meal


Blood, Fish & Bone




Hoof & Horn Meal


Vitax Q4


Calcified Seaweed


Chicken Pellets


Sulphate of Ammonia


Sulphate of Potash


Sulphate of Iron




Garden Lime


Potato Fertiliser


Product description

Per Bag

Clover Multi-Purpose Compost 75 Ltrs


Clover Multi-Purpose Compost 40 Ltrs


Horse Manure Compost 40 Ltrs


Mushroom Compost


Grow Bags


Product description

Per item.

Slug Pellets


Ant Powder


Perlka (Nitrogenous Fertiliser & Club Root Treatment)


Product description

Price per Metre

Debris Netting (2m Wide)


Weed Suppressant (2m Wide)


Bamboo Canes(8 feet long)

Out of Stock