Members’ Site Information Page

Site Shop

Please note that the site shop is closed. We are operating an on-line only service. Please see the Onsite shop page for details.


Site Security

If you see someone at the gate asking for a member on-site please ask them to wait at the gate and  check if the member is there. It should be the member who opens the gate for them. This ensures security for all members and and associate members as well as security for the site.

On-site Water

The onsite water will revert to it’s summer setting from Sunday 29th March. It will switch on at 6.00a.m. and switch off at 10.00p.m. The water will switch off briefly, for around one minute, at around noon.


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Amenity Allotment Competition

Please note that due to the ongoing situation with Coronavirus this year Amenity Allotment Competition has been cancelled.