Members’ Site Information Page

Site Shop

There is now an ‘OPEN’ flag at the shop. Although the container may still be closed, all shop keyholders  have a magnetic sign which they can attach to the door of the container. If the flag is flying and you require something from the shop, then simply go to the container and see which key holder is on-site. Go to their plot and they will be more than happy to assist you. A map is available on the sign which will assist you in finding their plot.

The shop now has an electronic accounting system and quantities are  sold in kilograms.

Site Security

If you see someone at the gate asking for a member on-site please ask them to wait at the gate and  check if the member is there. It should be the member who opens the gate for them. This ensures security for all members and and associate members as well as security for the site.

On-site Water

The onsite water is set at its summer settings. The water will switch on at 6.00a.m. and switch off at 10.00p.m. The water will switch off very briefly at 12.00 noon.


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Please keep dandelions under control on the Site. If you see any flowers on your plot please pick them off before they seed otherwise they cause a massive weed problem on the site. Thank-you.