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Grow your vegetables all year round

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How to grow during winter

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Weed Control

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Vegetable Planner

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Making a compost bin

A compost bin can be made from a wide range of materials. Whatever you choose must be durable, a good insulator, and allow air and moisture in to help the composting process. A compost bin is simply a container used to hold compost. It can be made of any durable and rigid material and it

Flea Beetles

These tiny beetles are a particular pest of cabbage-family crops. They disfigure plants and can kill seedlings by nibbling leaves. They also spread virus diseases. What are they? Flea beetles are tiny beetles 2-3mm long, which jump like fleas when disturbed. Although they used to be called turnip flies, they are actually true beetles. It

Potato Tuber Problems

There are several serious diseases of potato tubers. Most can be avoided by preparing the ground well before planting, and watering during dry spells. Common Scab What is it? This disease is the most common tuber problem for gardeners. Yield is lowered slightly, but the real waste comes in the extra peeling needed to prepare

Potato Blight

Most vegetable gardens will be affected by potato blight at some stage. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to treat and prevent it. What is potato blight? Potato blight (Phytophthorci Infestans) or ‘late blight’ is a devastating fungus disease which spreads rapidly in wet weather. Like a mildew disease, to which it is related,

Parsnip Canker

A disease causing roots to blacken, crack and eventually rot. Avoid it by growing resistant varieties and by improving the soil conditions. What is parsnip canker? Black or orange patches on the roots are a sign of parsnip canker. The patches usually occur near the shoulder of the roots and the crown of the plants. In


What is clubroot? It is a fungal infection of the roots of cabbages and related plants. The roots are destroyed, crops fail to reach maturity and the soil is contaminated with spores that infest future crops. It is caused by the fungus Plasmodiophora brassicae. Clubroot lives for years in the soil as a very tough

Carrot Fly

This pest damages the roots of carrots, parsley, celery, celeriac and parsnips. However, attacks can be prevented by taking action early in the season. What is carrot fly? Carrot fly is a common pest of carrot-family crops all over Britain. Carrots are worst hit, but celery, celeriac, parsnips, parsley and some other carrot family herbs

Care & Cultivation of Onion Sets, Shallots & Garlic

In your onion sets you may notice that some feel slightly soft and/or have started to grow a little this is quite natural and should not affect their performance. To keep bulbs until planting time, spread them out in a tray and place this in full light in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place. Check