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Plot Sizes & Location Plan

We have a policy at Brook Road that anyone new to the site should start with a smaller plot.  A small plot is a good starting point as it is often the sudden realisation of how fast weeds grow during warm weather and the job of keeping on top of them that can lead to despair and abandonment of what could have been a very successful plot, if only it had been smaller.

Please note that plot measurements given are approximate.

There are association machines and tools which can be borrowed.  Please contact the Site Manager or Assistant Site Manager for access.

Lovely Location

Enjoy the cultivation of your own fruit, vegetables and flowers on this quiet , friendly site.  Plots are cultivated by a wide range of people, of all ages and abilities/disabilities.

The site is in a secluded location tucked away off Brook Road and if you did not know it was there you could easily walk/drive straight past without knowing what a gem of a site was along the short lane leading up to it.

You can also see aeroplanes coming in or taking off from the Airport which as the crow flies is just a stone’s throw away.  An added bonus when the Air Festival is on – but don’t tell everyone our secret!


a quarter plot which we encourage new members to start with to gain experience and knowledge of growing before moving on to an additional or bigger plot.
25ft x 30ft (7.6m x 9.1m)

£16.00 per year


appox half the size of a full plot
50ft x 30ft (15.25m x 9.1m)

£22.00 per year


for those experienced members who want more of a challenge and more growing ability
100ft x 30ft (30.5m x 9.1m)

(10 Rods) £40.00 per year


plot holders who wish to use a hosepipe for watering will require a licence

£16.00 for a quarter plot
£20.00 for a half plot
£24 for a full plot

When applying for a plot please provide us with your name, address and telephone number.

We have now filled all our vacant plots for the current year.   Please note, due to the limited availability, there is currently a waiting list and a wait of approximately 24 months.

BRAA Rules

For your convenience, we have added an electronic copy of the BRAA Objects & Rules for you to view, print or save.  New Members will be given an extract of the Objects & Rules setting out the Member’s Responsibilities.

These rules were last changed in January 2020 following the AGM.

To view the BRAA rules, click on the format that you prefer: