Please note that the shop is available only for members of the BRAA and associated members of Bournemouth Federation of Allotments and no monies are kept on site.


The shop is still  accepting on-line orders using bank transfer.

  • Check the price list and select the items and quantities you require

  • Email your order to the shop (see below for the email address) with a preferred collection day: Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday.

  • The shop will confirm if all items and quantities are in stock, give bank account details and offer an order collection time.  Collection times will be on mornings between 9.00 and mid-day.

  • Pay by on-line bank transfer.Advise the shop when transaction is complete and agree collection time or suggest an alternative.

  • You will be sent an ‘Order ready to collect’ email. Your order will not have been processed if you do not receive this notification.

  • We will endeavour to offer next day collection but only on orders made, confirmed and paid by 6.30p.m. the day before.

  • Collect your order from outside the shop at the agreed day and time.

  • for more information or to place an order email shop@braaonline.uk

Product description

Price per Kg.

Bone Meal


Blood, Fish & Bone




Hoof & Horn Meal

Out of Stock

Vitax Q4


Calcified Seaweed


Chicken Pellets


Sulphate of Ammonia


Sulphate of Potash


Sulphate of Iron




Potato Fertiliser


Garden Lime  ( 3kg Box, granulated)


Product description

Per Bag

Mushroom Compost


Multi-Purpose Compost 60 Litres


Horse Manure Compost


Grow Bag

Out of Stock

Perlka (Nitrogenous Fertiliser & Club Root Treatment)


Product description

Per item.

Slug Pellets

Out of Stock

Ant Powder


Product description

Price per Metre

Debris Netting (2m Wide)


Weed Suppressant (2m Wide)


Bamboo Canes(8 feet long)